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AnJi Tongsoon Bamboo Products Co.,LTD. is located in the beautiful China Bamboo Home¨C¨CAnJi County. It¡¯s one of the fastest growing manufacture in bamboo and wood products industry. We¡¯re specialized manufacturer of various bamboo floor accessories, bamboo flooring and bamboo¨Cwood complex board. It guarantees products¡¯ high quality for the powerful techniques and advanced facilities.

AnJi has gain the honor of Home of China Bamboo Flooring, We take full use of local bamboo resource to make our products, We has been engaged in researching and producing bamboo machineries for more than ten years, rely on the advanced techniques and facilities, the products warmly welcomed for the high quality and fashionable designing, it¡¯s been sold out since it put into market.

We always upholding the principle of quality first, customer first and sincerely first, we¡¯re strict in material selecting, producing control and quality control. We strongly call for customers to use bamboo products to protect the ecotype environment. We keep on developing bamboo flooring and bamboo-wood complex board. We hope to serve people more ecotype space with our products.

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